Driving Assessments

I can carry out driving assessments as required by
your new employer. Many companies are now asking new
employees whose jobs involve frequent driving to undergo
driver assessment or refresher training.



SAGE - Safer Driving with Age

I also carry out driver assessments for Leicestershire County Council for mature drivers who wish to update their driving knowledge and improve their driving.

The assessment is based on common sense, safe, skillful, everyday driving. There are no trick questions or unusual manoeuvres.

The assessment is carried out in a friendly relaxed manner, each person who completes the assessment will receive a certificate and a written report. To arrange your assessment contact the SAGE team on 0116 305 7233 or click HERE for more information

Regaining Your Confidence

Maybe you would like just a few lessons to improve your manouevring skills so you feel more confident reversing in to a parking space or maybe you haven't driven for a while. Training can be carried out in your own car subject to the relevant insurance cover.
Please feel free to contact me to discuss and arrange a training session that meets your needs


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